Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Don't fuck with writers.

This morning I've been thinking of a few favorite singer-songwriters whom Marti and I have seen over the years. So I put together a little YouTube playlist of a few who always demonstrated great wit. And resonate with emotions you've already had.

We first heard John Prine's "Glory Of True Love" at a "Return to the Ryman" edition of the Grand Ole Opry on a trip to Nashville in December of 2005. It was a new song then; it proved to be one of Prine's best.

Marti and I often caught John Prine and Steve Goodman double bills back in our Washington DC days. Here they are on Prine's "Souvenirs," followed by Steve Goodman's "You're The Girl I Love."

Marti's fave: John Prine and Steve Goodman's "You Never Even Call Me By My Name."

And mine: "A Dying Cubs Fan's Last Request."

It was on a Steve Goodman album that I encountered a great song called "The Dutchman." That led me to Michael Smith, who wrote it:

In the mid-1960s when I hosted a college radio show and was interviewing performers who came to play in Springfield MA, The Clancy Brothers invited me backstage for a chat and cup of Jameson-laced hot tea. What great guys! Here's Liam Clancy with a much later edition of The Clancys singing Michael Peter Smith's marvelous "The Dutchman."

Not to overlook the guy who pointed me to Michael Smith, the late Steve Goodman, accompanied here by Jethro Burns of Homer & Jethro:

Bonus tracks. "Banana Republics"/ "The 20th Century Is Almost Over."

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