Monday, June 20, 2016


John Hiatt. Ry Cooder. Nick Lowe. Jim Keltner. They met while recording Hiatt's excellent 1987 album Bring The Family. A few years later they regrouped to form a one-off "supergroup" called Little Village. The name came from a studio talkback exchange between Leonard Chess and Sonny Boy Williamson II on an album called Bummer Road. I'd had that vinyl in my collection for years and it's hilarious.

This live Little Village show occurred at the Warfield Theater in San Francisco. It was broadcast nationwide in 1992. The mp3 files are edits from the pre-FM CDs sent to radio stations.

Warfield Theater
San Francisco
01 Solar Sex Panel
02 [Nick introduces the band]
03 The Action
04 Fool Who Knows
05 Do You Want My Job?
06 She Runs Hot
07 Don't Think About Her When You're Trying To Drive
08 Memphis In The Meantime
09 Endless Sleep
10 Big Love
11 Little Sister
12 Half A Boy And Half A Man
13 Thing Called Love
14 Lipstick Sunset
John Hiatt (Guitar, Vocal)
Ry Cooder (Guitar, Vocal)
Jim Keltner (Drums)
Nick Lowe (Bass, Vocal)
Source: Pre-FM

For a limited time download the mp3 file set here.

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