Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A Mr Phil Mixtape: MOROCCO 1967
Alan Lomax Field Recordings (Excerpts)

"In September 1967, Alan Lomax visited Morocco to make field recordings for use in his comparative research on world folk song style. Assisted by Joan Halifax, he documented the traditional music of both urban and rural Morocco, recording in the historic metropolises of Fes and Marrakech as well as in remote rural villages in the Atlas Mountains. The approximately eight hours of material includes Arabo-Andalusian classical and Sufi music recorded at the Moulay Idriss Festival in Fes, courtship dances from the famous Imilchil Marriage Festival, wedding music from both the Arab and Amazigh traditions, the epic songs of itinerant High Atlas bards, patriotic hymns in praise of King Hassan II, and work songs by shepherds, camel drivers, farmers and silversmiths. In addition, the collection comprises a number of speech samples recorded in the medina of Fes and other locations for use in Lomax’s Parlametrics research. These samples, from Qur’anic recitations to bargaining with shopkeepers and fortune-telling, include speech in Tamazight, Tachelhit, English, Dutch, French, and Arabic."
-- Archive of Folk Culture collection at the Library of Congress

01 A Beautiful Woman, a Pot of Tea, and Two Glasses - Fes IV 9/67
02 'Aish al-Malik (Long Live the King) - Erfoud I 9/67
03 King Hassan Comes to the Beautiful Gardens - Aguelmouss I 9/67
04 Shepherd's pipe tune (I) - Rif Mountains 9/67
05 Scattering the Flock - Dades Valley 9/67
06 Arala Bouyya (Oh Father) - Fes IV 9/67
07 The Food of God - Tazzarine 9/67
08 Winnowing song (I) - Tazzarine 9/67
09 Love song (II) - Al Hoceima 9/67
10 Wujma's song - Ourika Valley 9/67
11 Lullaby - Al Hoceima 9/67
12 Rasul-allah (The Messenger of God) - Marrakech I 9/67

From the Alan Lomax Tapes, Archive of Folk Culture collection at the Library of Congress.
These excerpts compiled by Phil Demetrion, April 21, 2016 – Paris.

For the next 14 days you can download an mp3 file set of this mixtape HERE (Click me).


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