Sunday, April 10, 2016


Last night after an early Japanese dinner with me (ordered in from Côté Sushi), Marti went to a vernissage (gallery opening) at fashion designer agnès b's Galerie du Jour, across from the Centre Pompidou.

The exhibition On Verra Bien (We'll see) at Galerie du Jour agnès b. celebrates the 40th anniversary of the founding of the designer's line. Through the Galerie du Jour she has been supporting art and photography for decades. Its concentration is in encounters and discoveries of artists opening new territories. Now, in a limited series, agnès b. has reissued twenty selected tee shirts among the most iconic -- all derived from the art collection. Since 1994 agnès b. has offered this support to artists, both the familiar and unknown, like a blank page they appropriate in their own way. The tees represent the work of major figures of contemporary art: Jean-Michel Basquiat, Gilbert and George, John Giorno, Jim Shaw, Dennis Hopper, Jonas Mekas and Harmony Korine.

Marti was invited to the opening by our dear friends Ileana and Jorge, shown here in a file photo. Ileana has worked for agnès b. for many years.

agnès b. in 1972. The future fashionista and culture vulture enjoyed a privileged upbringing in Versailles, but by the time she was 20 she was divorced with twins and had very little money. In 1975 agnès opened her first shop, as much a bohemian hangout as a boutique. The Clash and David Bowie played on the house system; posters from films by Godard, Wenders, Jarmusch and Cassavetes decorated the walls. By 1983 agnès launched the gallery and bookshop, Galerie du Jour.

agnès b. (center) speaking with invitees to last night's exhibition opening.

Marti with the 2014 Harmony Korine painting Black & White Checks that inspired her agnès b. skirt!

Harmony Korine. Another multi-disciplined type. He's an American film director, producer, screenwriter, author, artist and occasional actor. He is best known for writing the film Kids and for writing/ directing Spring Breakers, Gummo, Julien Donkey-Boy and Mister Lonely.

Marti with neon lightning. She doesn't remember the name of the artist. Thankfully, she hasn't been struck by lightning as a penalty.

Jean Michel Basquiat, Self Portrait. 1983.

Works by David Lynch.

Marti and her pals had a great time checking out the collection. I'm glad she sent me a few photos.

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