Friday, April 29, 2016

Καλό Πάσχα!

Today my fellow Orthodox Christians commemorate Good Friday, also known as “Great Friday.” Orthodox Easter dates often differ from the dates used by western churches; most Orthodox churches follow some version of the Julian calendar, which is older than the Gregorian calendar commonly used today. These kouvouklion (at left from my church, the Cathedral of Saint Stephen here in Paris; and, at right the one at Agios Nicolaos on the island of Spetses) are elaborately carved canopies that stand over the Epitaphios -- a large embroidered cloth icon used during the services of Good Friday and Holy Saturday. The bier is decorated with spring flowers.

Here's this year's kouvouklion at Saint George, the church in Springfield, Mass. where I was baptised in 1945, served as an altar boy and was even married once. (In 1968.) (Marriage No. 1/ 3). My maternal grandfather was one of the founders!

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