Saturday, September 21, 2013

SEPTEMBER 21, 2013

Marti’s celebration continued this evening with a host of friends who joined us for jazz and Champagne at the Café Laurent.

We arrived early for a rendezvous with Alyce and John and solo piano sets by our dear friend Christian Brenner.

After the cocktail hour piano sets, the four of us – along with Glaucia, Christian and Edouard – walked up rue Dauphine to Xin Gainian for a quick Asian-Fusion dinner. Then it was time for the Main Event: the Christian Brenner Quartet featuring Guillaume Naturel (tenor sax, flute), Olivier Robin (drums) and Bruno Schorp (bass).

While we were at dinner Flavien, our pal and bar manager extraordinaire, set the VIP Section with Champagne and flutes. Tiny bubbles and our other guests awaited us. That’s Linda behind the bucket.

Marti with Marco and Edouard.

With Glaucia.

Marti with Nathalie. In the back: Linda and Raoul.

Olivier, Guillaume and Christian.

Between sets: Marco, Edouard and Christian.

A beautiful silk scarf from Linda. Marti had received a lovely handmade Mexican scarf earlier from Alyce and John, an amethyst ring from Glaucia and Christian, a bottle of Italian bubbly from Marco.

Next Marti’s Birthday Festival event: Lunch with pals in Amsterdam on Tuesday! #ThePartyNeverEnds

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