Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Rockin’ out in Pigalle Profundo (tip o’ the hat to Rob Armus).

Theatre Montparnasse, July 17.

Jean Anouilh’s 1953 classic about Joan of Arc.

Aftershow encounter. Marti with Sara Giraudeau (Joan).

En route to post-theater dinner. Timhotel Elysée Montparnasse Paris. An historic site.

Feed me! La Coupole.

One Man Banned Rob Armus at the Noctambules bar in Pigalle.

Our pal John Sinclair was in town for a performance. The night before Marti and I brought him to Rob’s gig. Speaking with Rob’s woman friend Emma.

Emma and Jeanne. Below: John performs his poem “The Crossroads” with Rob.

Vodka nightcaps at the nearby Soviet bar Le Кrǝmliи.

Headed home from Pigalle. Dickin’ around with my new phone (also pictured on the subway walls).

July 19. Premiere screening of Gilles Riberolles’ New Orleans-Sinclair documentary We Love Big Chief, followed by a live concert featuring Paris band Jumbo Love and guest NOLA keyboard ace Tom Worrell. A great night!

John Sinclair. Hip new venue, Les Combustibles.

Yeah we have a beach in this town.

On July 23 I visited my bud Hervé in his new wine shop L’Etiquette.

Shop décor: Photo of a young Hervé with the cute Beatle.

Happy L’Etiquette customers.

July 23. Thirty-fifth anniversary of our first date.

Monteverdi-Bach concert by La Maîtrise Notre-Dame de Paris. Here’s a vid I put together with the audio of Monteverdi’s Pulchra sunt a 5.

With Clari and her mom. New friends from Buenos Aires.

Post-concert stroll. Rue de la Bucherie.

It’s somebody’s Natal Day.

Rings. At Diwali in Souvlaki Alley.

We had late dinner at this favorite restaurant in the rue de la Montagne Sainte-Genevieve -- a street that figured importantly as a Midnight In Paris location.

First date anniversary finale: Rodolphe Raffalli at Le Piano Vache.

Not too snobby to hang with the crew from the private jet. Lucia and Pedro. At the Café Laurent on July 26.

Christian Brenner and friends.

Always great jazz at the Café Laurent. Fun hang with Lucia and Pedro.

On Friday July 27 Marti ditched work to accompany me to Amsterdam.

Upon arrival we checked in on our pal Steve, home flood-accident victim. He’s recovering slowly and that morning had hosted the Calamity Crew (to dehydrate his digs) and a plumber. Finally high and dry.

Chet Baker memorial at the Prins Hendrik Hotel. Given my own bad habits, I’ve never felt compelled to book a room at this hotel.

At lunch with Amsterdam homegirl Caroline. At Barney’s Uptown, where you can drink, dine and twist one up with impunity. In effect, the perfect restaurant.


With John at the 420 Café.

Deborah Charles masked.

Chillin’ at the 420. Capping off a jammin’ July.

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