Friday, April 13, 2012


On April 12, 1991 Marti and I emigrated from Washington DC to Paris. Last night we celebrated that anniversary by returning to Le Cardinal, a restaurant we frequented during our first seven weeks here, while we were living in a nearby hotel.

We devoured a huge seafood plateau: oysters, langoustines, shrimp, crab, sea snails and lobster.

A Fiery Finale. Chocolate mousse.

After dinner we cabbed to the Café Laurent for jazz and digestifs. Our friend Christian Brenner was leading a piano trio that included Arnaud Lechantre on drums and Jean-Pierre Rebillard on bass. We ran into our jazz guitarist pal Serge Merlaud and his friend Mila at the bar as well.

Home Sweet Home. 85 rue Blomet. With the exception of that early hotel run, we’ve lived happily in the same apartment all these years.

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