Friday, June 22, 2007

Xenia & Toni in Paris

Xenia & Toni, dear pals from Barcelona, came to Paris for the Aerosmith concert on Tuesday night, June 19 . . . Marti was on a biz trip to Chicago, so I hit the streets with them . . .

The night before the Aerosmith show we went to dinner at Louis Vins . . .

. . . after which we took in some almost-live music (a soloist with lots of programming) . . .

. . . at the Flèche d'Or.

On Tuesday night we met at Bercy for the Aerosmith extravaganza.

[Slide Show Photos by Xenia & Toni]

Xenia, Toni & I caught a sensational performance by the Bad Boys From Boston . . . the former Toxic Twins looked & sounded great . . . they played a lot of classics, including the big 1990s rock ballads, but we were knocked out by kickass versions of "Seasons Of Wither" & "Draw The Line," a couple of blistering oldies.

We had late dinner afterward at the Maldoror, where Françoise & Joel took good care of our appetites & thirsts.

Marti arrived home on Wednesday morning, so the four of us went to a long outdoor lunch at the Armandie, right here in the 'hood . . .

Xenia & Toni then headed off to see Jim Morrison before flying home Wednesday evening.

We always have the best time with our BCN friends!

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